This page contains mainly infromation about my projects I was working on during the studies at Czech Technical University (2003-2009).

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Offroad Racing (2006)

Car simulation with unlimited movement across a huge landscape with realistic physics and ability of player to switch different vehicles (like in GTA). The main goal was to learn how to implement my own physics engine and advanced scene manager. I also used this project as a part of my Bachelor thesis. full article...
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Offroad Engine v2.0 (2013)

Map editor for my latest engine, successor of the Offroad engine. It is designed to support much larger landscape (streamed in real-time from harddisk), greater visibility distance and tools to manipulate with terrain geometry, surface type and to add objects like trees, houses and roads. full article...
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LOD Creator (2009)

This application is designed to load several .OBJ objects (each represents one LOD created in external 3D modeller) and create one binary file loadable by the Offroad Engine. It also contains several modules which allow some basic modifications of the imported geometry and materials. full article...
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CutawayGen (2008)

Moje diplomová práce. Cílem bylo implementovat systém pro vizualizaci vnitřní struktury komplexních 3D modelů pomocí řezů v reálném čase a vytvořit k němu interaktivní rozhraní pro výběr důležitých částí 3D modelu, které chce uživatel zobrazit. Takto vybrané části se poté ihned zviditelní. full article...
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Škoda Racer (2004)

My first 3D program ever (and second in C language). I created it as a semestral work in my first year at university. It is a simple 2.5D "racing" game with car Škoda 120 situated in a small urban area of size 200x200m. full article...