LOD Creator (2009)

This application is designed to load several .OBJ objects (each represents one LOD created in external 3D modeller) and create one binary file loadable by the Offroad Engine. It also contains several modules which allow some basic modifications of the imported geometry and materials.

Application is written in C++ using Qt4 graphics libraries which allows portability to several operating systems. The main purpose is to create one binary file containing geometries and other rendering properties of several LOD levels. Second objective is to allow some basic material settings like color adjusting or assigning textures. Program is also designed to contain several modules to specify game values, for example to define wheels positions for cars or center of mass for physical objects.

Currently implemeted modules:

  • Tree Sprite Creator - Creates tree sprite using off-screen rendering (Render-To-Texture). This is useful mainly to create low-resolution tree LOD level from more complex geometry which is not suitable for drawing at bigger distances (see images 4, 5, 6 and 7)
  • Resize geometry - simple resizes all model geometry. Can be applied on single LOD or on whole project.

Tree Sprite Creator:

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